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What is Telegram channel?

Telegram App has come into a very important marketing And branding tool, Collecting a Huge Telegram group & channel is the Key success indicator. if you have a Telegram channel we can add member how much you order for you just need to contact us in telegram and send your id with join link, its almost done! when we get your pm its no longer just need to be approve to our system. We just add live & 100% real subscribers (members) to yout Telegram channel, they are all taken from chats on your topic. You can choose the groups from which you gain a base of subscribers. We have collected a database of about 10 millions users! so how much member you want we can do that for you.

my Telegram channel
my Telegram channel

To buy Telegram members, contact me: My ID: @salva_tours
On WhatsApp: (Click here 557 715 557)

Who are you? Why do you provide this telegram services?

i can say for this question, our services are for international clients worldwide. We are working on this way for day and night to provide you fine service for your telegram channels, telegram group and for promoting your telegram posts for example views. We always respond in few minutes and process your order (Each 1000 member) within 24 hours. 

payment methods for buy telegram member
payment methods for buy telegram member

What payment methods are possible for buy telegram member?

for buy telegram members we accept just BTC & PayPal. We can’t accept different tokens for payment. for order subscribers After submitting your request us through telegram for buying telegram members.

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