How to increase your telegram channel members

How to increase your telegram channel members

Telegram channel members is an open source multicast messaging service based on cloud computing. The telegram is officially available for Android, Windows Phone, and Windows (such as tablets and non-Wi-Fi devices). Illegal client software for the Internet version, the Ubuntu version, the Linux version, and a Microsoft Windows client desktop client are from separate developers using the Telegram application programming interface. Users have the ability to send messages, images, clips, and all categories of self-destructive and encrypted files up to 1.5 Gigabytes.

The Telegram channel was launched by two brothers named Paul Dwarf and Nikolai Dwarf. Paul Dorm is the little Niche Dwarf. The sponsor of this project is the nonprofit office of employment creation in can also see buy telegram members 2019 an enjoy!

Number of telegram users
Number of telegram users

Number of Telegram users (members)

In October 2013, the Telegram members was 100,000 active users daily, reaching 15 million on March 24, 2014. In December 2014, Telegram announced that it has more than 50 million active users, which communicate more than a billion messages a day. The amount of message co-ordination doubled in the five-month period to 2 billion messages a day.

In September 2015, it announced that the Telegram had more than 60 million active users, which communicate 12 billion messages a day. In February 2015, the number of registered telegrams reached 350,000 users per day, and more than 15 billion messages were sent daily to the messenger at a time.

In 2017, the Telegram was known to be the seventh messenger with about 180 million users. In this list, the telegram is at the forefront with Facebook messenger and Whats App. In March 2018, Telegram announced its users more than 200 million! In Iran, according to a survey conducted by the Center for Think Tanks of Iranian Students, the Telegram was the most popular messenger before filtering. In 2012, 62.2 percent of Iranians were members.

5 Useful Telegram Features You Should Be Using
5 Useful Telegram Features You Should Be Using

5 Useful Telegram Features You Should Be Using

  • Telegram group

Telegram groups are one of the main sections of telegram messengers. As users can interact with others by joining groups. The first groups were able to accept 200 members; however, the telegram in subsequent editions allowed the general group to accept the super group and increase the membership from 200 to 500, and then to 5000 people available to all.

As of March 2016, group managers can post a pinned message above the Telegram groups, also referred to as “notifications.” Alternatively, you can select identifiers for groups and build public groups that provide users with the ability to search groups based on the identifier.

  • Telegram channel

The Telegram Channel is a one-way route where only administrators can publish the desired posts to the channel members, and other members can not add posts on it. The Telegram Channel can be used for unlimited messaging. These channels can be public, and all users can join or be private and can not subscribe to anyone.

  • Telegram Robot

In fact, Telegram Robot can have any application! How to use them depends on your creativity and the algorithms you define for it. Some of their applications are as follows: Communicating with Web Services: A telegram robot can shorten and optimize your activities, for example, you can receive it directly on the telegram whenever a new comment or contact form is sent to the site. Or transfer your latest emails to your telegram account.

Making Simple Thinking Games: How You Communicate With a Telegram Robot Through the API, it creates the ability to quickly analyze user responses and send them the appropriate results. This feature lets you design and implement a variety of games.

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Tools: Telegram Robot can have any function, you are planning to use it. Receiving exchange rates, weather information, news of the day, and entertainment and entertainment are each of the most successful examples of robot telegram applications.

  • Secret Chats

As you know, Telegram has become the most prominent social network in Iran these days. One of the most appealing features of this messenger is the ability to have 00. If you do not know what this feature is and why it should be used, read the following.

  1.  Have high security in the conversation
    If you use the chat secret feature, you will not be left with any trace. Messages that are sent by the chat secret will not be saved and will not be deleted even from the telegram servers.
  2.  Deactivate editing and forwarding of messages
    Sometimes someone may forward your message to others or edit postings. In the chat section, these two features will be disabled and you can talk in a safe environment.
  3.  Disable screen shot
    As stated above, the Chat Section does not have the possibility of forwarding the message; therefore, someone may want to take screenshots from them. In chat chats, screen capture capability will also be disabled, and if someone can take screenshots in any way, your telegram will inform you of this action.
  4.  Set the time to delete the message
    Another feature of the chat secret feature is determining the time to delete your messages. For example, you can specify that after 10 seconds, your messages will generally be removed from the chat. In addition to the message, you can create time limits for your files.
  • Telegram voice call

Telegram has recently announced that it has been possible to make voice calls for users of this messenger in European countries. But this feature was also available to Iranian users on an hourly basis. From now on, Iranian Telegram users can enjoy this opportunity.

To do this, you need to update the Telegram application to the latest version. After that, one of the people who has already activated the voice call is to contact you or have a lost contact. This will also activate voice calling for you. You will see a voice call icon in the lower right corner of the personal screen that you want to talk to, and by clicking on it, you can make a voice call with the person you want. Provided that your opponent is online and updates your telegram to the latest version.

source: wikipedia

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