Add members to your Telegram channel 2019

add members to your telegram channel 2019

Telegram is a popular application that has been able to gain popularity in our country. The telegram also enables the creation of groups and channels for interaction between users to their members who, with great pleasure in Iran, is one of the most popular tools of the telegram channel. Communication is used in the telegram. All the elderly are old and young, even women and men, and all kinds of different communities. You can interact with the clients through the channel of the channel and even the fans themselves, by purchasing a members The telegram helps you to make our own channels our favorite And even get millions of dollars in the shortest possible time. We can do the best and get the most up-to-the-minute purchase of members Telegraph and the latest method for attracting Monet to you. And we’ll bring you to the millionth revenue so come along with us in this market Do not be too busy and worthwhile. for more information click the banner on below and text me in telegram channel.

Help for buy telegram members
Help for buy telegram members


Is the push ads the same?

No, in preference mode, are the ones that are online. For the same time, more recruiting will be less in the way you visit, because members will enter into the channel as a way point. As a result, it is a better way to purchase a real telegram membrane. is.

how Increase the real members?

The rate of thinning in this method is only twenty to thirty times in twenty four hours, if in other ways, the amount of fall, and durability and efficiency will never be achieved.

Enhancing the real-time pop-up of a push ads

In the pop-up mode, the members will be logged in directly to the channel and can leave the channel, as well as the method that the user has the right to choose, in general, the two methods are similar to each other, with the difference that they are in the method of execution and The shelf life is much higher, but the drop in pop-up mode is more than fifty percent and is not recommended. The pop-up will be more expensive as it visits, and will cost nearly twice as much as cost.

Increase the actual members or notification?

One of the best methods for attracting and enhancing membranes in the telegram has been the notification, but today due to the new update of the telegram, this method yields little yield and can not be attracted much to this method, and its price is more than other methods, perhaps a price It has three to four times the size of its edges. This is because the efficiency of this method is similar to the one used and has the same durability.

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